Misia Denea and I have been fellow entrepreneurs for over a year. We recently hosted an event on social media for entrepreneurs. She is founder of Healing Space Solutions and Hatha Holistic Integrative Wellness. We sat down over some water and lemon and discussed the ins and out of digital marketing.

Epifania: What is your favorite Instagram hack?

Misia Denea:¬†Well, I just discovered the Apphi app to schedule Instagram posts. I know other scheduling apps still require you to sign in and verify the post. I’ll let you know how the apphi app works.

E: Which social media channel scares you?

MD: I love marketing and social media across all platforms. If I were to say something that I’m concerned about , its how powerful and influential social media is. While allows entrepreneurs and brands I love to make a huge impact. The flip side of that is Nations worldwide can go to war with one another, and 1 TWEET can instigate it…now THAT’s scary.

E: What are the demographics do you look at?

MD: I like looking at the insights on Instagram and FB and who is clicking and opening my email campaigns, on MailChimp. This helps me create the messaging I need to address my ideal clients


E: Why wellness companies? What makes them unique?

MD: I’ve been in the wellness industry for a decade or so and before that the arts. These type of people are creatives and their customers enjoy heartfelt messaging.

E: What was something you had to teach yourself?

MD: I’m learning everyday how adventurous and wonderful the “Entrepreneur Life” is. But there is a certain level of having thick skin and “stick -with -it”- ness needed to grow and develop as a business owner!

E: What are some things you look for in a client?

MD: Folks who are life long learners!

E: Starting a business is scary. Describe some of the fears you had.

MD: I think I’m learning to overcome the anxiety around building out your business. Thinks take time to build, and mental and spiritually one must be prepared to hold on tight, its a roller coaster ride all the time. But I prefer this lifestyle over 9-5 salaried life.

E: How do you tackle managing multiple social media channels?

MD: Scheduling apps like Hootsuite and the build in scheduler on Facebook are quite helpful. Overall time management and having clear goals and objectives is always a priority.

E: What are your tips for Facebook?

MD: Continue to use video and the Facebook live feature as well as ads, this is going to be the best way to stay visible to your audience.

E: What are your tips for Instagram?

MD: Same as above, but use more gifs and memes.Keep it Fun!