Christina Davis is the woman behind Classtige. A successful fashion blog based in the heart of California. She saw a lack of brown girls, Indian women to be exact in the fashion world and created a blog to give them a voice.

Epifania: What is the history behind the name Classtige?

Christina Davis: I wanted a blog name that was personal to me, so I thought of adjectives that describe my personal style. When I thought of “class” and “prestige” then the name Classtige was coined.

E: What were the fears going through your mind before you hit “publish”?

CD: I want to know that the content I’m creating is useful and helpful for my followers and subscribers. I hope it’s not boring or irrelevant.

E: Describe a failure?

CD: Since we are getting personal, my marriage. The hardest part for me to get over was forgiving myself. I truly believed that I failed myself and my family. I should have been more practical when choosing a partner, I should have paid better attention to the signs, or I could have walked away a lot sooner. Like all other things in life, you live and you learn and that is the process. I’ve never cared for process much, but it is part of life and you need to go through it if you are going to evolve into a better person.

E: You have built a lot of partnerships. How do you build successful partnerships?

CD: I love people, so building a strong personal relationship with my network has helped me build my community. Taking folks out to coffee, sending Christmas cards, attending networking events are part of the game, but most of it is being you and getting to know people. Know who their family is, if they have pets, and their favorite candy. That one comes in handy.

E: After the blog, you created your clothing line? How did you decide on that product?

CD: The opportunity presented itself to me. ProvenCollective is a screen printing company that asked me to design a shirt to sell to my network. They gave me free reign on what I wanted to do, so I really had the chance to flex my creative muscles and provide a product that I truly believe in.

E: What post did you create that was a crowd favorite? Did it surprise you?

CD: Posts surprise me all the time. It always seems that the posts I have less faith in do the best! This leads me to believe that it is so important to mix up the content. New content is generated at the speed of light, so the more creative you are the better. The photos of me with my ex-husband always did really well. My followers like seeing me in a relationship. Now that I’m single, I’m curious how that will impact my engagement since I assume a good majority of my followers are in relationships. I’m still the same person with the same interests, so I know my content won’t change much but there will be less men to stare at in my content.

E: You have a large following on Instagram? How did you grow it? Organically, ads?

CD: I organically grew my following by maintaining a high level of engagement. It’s not enough to just post photos and IG stories. Interacting with your followers is very important as well. I also like to scope out other bloggers accounts, and I comment on them. This is a great way to gain visibility.

E: How do you manage all your social media accounts?

CD: Staying incredibly organized. I know I could do a better job, so that’s one of my goals for 2018. I just bought a physical planner so it’s easier for me to jot things down. I’ve always been a huge fan of lists, so I’m bringing that methodology back in 2018.

E: Where do you see your blog going in the next year?

CD: I just launched Christina Sundari, my new YouTube channel, so I’m stoked to see where that goes. I don’t have any expectations for it yet, because I’m still learning the arena and trying to figure out where I fit in. I want to upgrade my tools and systems, starting with video editing. Currently, I use iMovie and Canon T5i for shooting video. I’d like to get a smaller vlogging camera, and start using Final Cut Pro again to create more beautiful content. If I can do this by my 31st birthday I’ll be happy.

E: You have debated between keeping a website? Why did you keep it?

CD: Now that I have a YouTube channel, it’s another way for followers to find me. Additionally, because I do have a blog, IG, and now YouTube channel it’s a nice central location for folks to find everything about me depending on if they are interested in beauty or fashion.